Leggings Are Not Trousers, Fact

Leggings Are Not Trousers, Fact

My biggest pet peeve in the summer is, without a doubt, leggings being worn as trousers. Would you go out in just tights? No. Would you stroll happily down the street in just your underwear? No. So why do people, in particular teen girls, deem leggings as appropriate leg wear?

Let’s just clear the biggest issue up first. Leggings are made of a thin and flimsy fabric, that when worn in the sun, turn completely see through exposing your pant choice to everyone. That’s right, everyone.

I don’t think leggings should be the main focus of any look, whether they’re flimsy or wet look. Layering is key. Chuck on a long bum-covering shirt, a sweater, a statement necklace, socks and boots, the more the better in my books.

I only break out my leggings for two occasions. I wear the printed ones above when I slob around the house at the weekends. These are thrown on under a smock dress, purely to stop me from living in my pyjamas. The second occasion is bed. I have a camo-print pair I was given as a secret-santa gift a couple of years ago. They’re super comfortable and can only be worn in bed. And that’s it. Those are the only two occasions I deem acceptable for me to wear leggings.

When you casually throw a crop top into the mix, as I’ve seen far too many times for my liking, there is way too much flesh on show for me. And the fact that a full knicker can also be seen only makes it worse. I know as a teen I used to wear some questionable outfits and that my motto was the shorter the hemline the better, but my pants would never be on display. Unless I tripped over my Bambi-like ankles.

If you’re guilty of more than two of these points below, then you know you have a legging problem:

  • You wear them out the house as trousers
  • You wear them even though they have a baggy waistband and holes in
  • They appear on your body every single day
  • You also wear them in bed at night
  • Leggings and a vest top have become your ‘go-to look’
  • People comment on the fact that you live in leggings
  • You wear them on a night out
  • You own more than five pairs

I’ve also thought about when it might be ok to wear leggings in public:

  • If they’re sports leggings and you’re doing sport
  • If you layer anything that covers your butt over the top
That’s all I’ve got.Ladies, leggings are not trousers. Fact.

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