Say Hello to the Soft-Suede Skirt of the Season

Get ready to see a LOT more of this skirt. Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo blew this M&S number off the charts when they both wore it to New York Fashion Week, Sunday Times Style reported that 50 magazines have featured it in their pages and it even had a waiting list of ladies desperate to get their hands on it, myself included.

But am I ready to buy into the hype?

When I look for a skirt I tend to make sure it checks off the following criteria first:

It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love with my many mini skirts, It’s just that I’m finding myself drawn to the midi which works extremely well for my figure and gives a more sophisticated style. Which is one of the many reasons I’m so tempted by M&S’s delicious offering.

My only issue is the price, a hefty £199. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely considered it. In fact the following reasons to part ways with all that cash keep running through my mind:

Everything is leading me to the conclusion that I really should attempt to make it mine. But will everyone else be wearing it? Will the suede make my bum sweat on my non-air conditioned train? Will this skirt be worn by every blogger on the web the same as the skort or the pale pink coat? Will I be able to eat for the rest of the month if I do purchase it? Do I really care about the answer to any of these questions? Who knows.

One things for sure, there will be a queue to get into M&S when it drops. Luckily, I just so happen to know they’ve made a suedette version for £40.

So there you have it. I’m still none the wiser as to whether I’ll be buying it or not.


2 responses to “Say Hello to the Soft-Suede Skirt of the Season”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    If I had £199 right now, this is where it would be going!

  2. Avatar Jo says:

    I bought the suedette version – it is 90s perfection for a fraction of the price! Less flattering as it's clingier, but still bloody lovely