I’ve been away for little bit…

I have no excuses really, I just haven’t felt like blogging. My posts have always been sporadic and inconsistent but this time I was away for quite a while….Just been busy working, catching up with old friends and resting. My immune system doesn’t really work all that well any more…
But on a more positive note I’m off on holiday which I can’t wait for. But it does pose the problem of not having many summer holiday clothes. Luckily ASOS have a little sale on which I will and have already been scanning through. I’ll posts those pictures in another post (I’m now feeling brave enough to show off the scar)
I love the whole tribal trend and am a massive fan of prints so I was thinking of buying some ASOS Africa pieces… I’m just not sure what, which is where you guys come in hopefully.
I love these shorts. They colours together are a-maz-ing. They have the super chic paper-bag waistband and I just love them. Perfect for hols… Think I like the blue and orange ones more…These are £40

I also like the two dresses below…both for different reasons. The one on the left is cute and summery but I think it’s missing some of the bold prints the others have. Whereas the dress on the right has the bold design but I’m not sold on the colours….
Dresses £45 and £50 respectively. Maybe I’ll just take the shorts then…

Have you brought anything from the ASOS Africa collection?


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  1. Avatar Samantha says:

    Cute pictures! I Love your blog. Great post.

  2. Hey, welcome back! Sorry to hear of your woes, I had a benign lump removed from somewhere on my person when I was 17 and I felt horrible for a while, mainly because I couldn't shower while the dressing was on! Rank.
    But some lovely shopping will cheer you up. I love those shorts, and they have some blue and green harems too. Trousers are so much fun, I know you're a dress girl but bright trousers and a plain top are so much more of a statement.
    I've just had a highstreet hit, gave up for Lent so my money was burning a hole in my pocket. Wearing some amazing new high heeled black buckled boots which were £80 down to £40 in the sales! Good things come to those who wait 🙂 xx
    Love the ASOS sale, I am on the hunt for a good maxi-shirt and some leather shorts…

  3. Avatar daisychain says:

    I am loving those shorts, maybe if I get money for my birthday!

  4. Avatar Anna Jane says:

    I love the shorts. DEFINITELY get them!
    As for the dress, I'd definitely choose the right option. I agree that that bolder is better!

    Hope you have a lovely holiday 🙂

    – Anna Jane xxx

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