A Love Letter to Sophia Webster

Dear Sophia Webster,

I felt like I just had to write to you to explain my deep love for your clutch bags. You see, nobody makes them like you do.

Case in point, right here…

You nail everything I want to say and plaster it over a speech-bubble shaped clutch. I mean, hello, it’s like you were making these, thinking of me. After all, I am your perfect customer.

I would totally say something like ‘touch my clutch’. In fact, if you ask my friends, I’ve probably said something similar when I’ve been out before. Although, if my memory serves me correctly it might have been in reference to my leather hotpants but that’s close right?!

If I owned the clutch above, I would most definitely hold it all the bloody time. I’d hold it so much that friends might start to worry that it was surgically attached to my right arm. Maybe it’d be handy if it was.

Anyway, I should probably sign off now. I need to go back to drooling over the bags right here.

Lots of love,


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