Buy Me Balenciaga

Dear Not-so-new boyf,

I know it’s not Christmas, my birthday or any form of anniversary, but I have been really good so far this year and feel I should be rewarded for my behaviour.

I regularly make you cake and let you lick the batter from the bowl, I advise you on what clothes to wear when we go out with my friends, I let you spend obscene amounts of money in All Saints (you really are keeping them going) and I let you watch Match of the Day – that alone should let me win the ‘girlfriend of the year’ award.

Instead, all I’m asking for is a little Balenciaga in my wardrobe.

Surely that’s not too much to ask. We won’t discuss prices here because frankly, there shouldn’t be a price on our love.

So here it is, my Balenciaga wish list. Just in case you happen to stumble across a shop or online store…

 1 shearling grey coat plus 1 colbalt blue sheer dress.

 1 sexy evening dress, with metallic detailing and sheer skirt.
1 pink over-sized top and sheer paneled skirt.

 1 blue winter coat.

1 pair of high-waisted metallic trousers.

You know how much I love bright blue, my desire for more sheer items in my wardrobe and my obsession with shiny materials.

Tell Nicolas Ghesquière I asked after him.


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