Public Plea for House of Harlow’s Chelsea Sunglasses

Sunglasses for me are a pain in the ass to find.

I have a small nose which is very upturned, so I struggle to find sunnies that one, stay on, and two, don’t swamp my face.

I’m off on holiday this April and desperately want some new ones. For the first time I want to invest in some that I really love rather than buying cheap ones from the high street – which I always manage to break.

There are only one pair on my mind at the moment… House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea Tortoise.

I cannot begin to describe my love affair with these so instead will summarise in bullet form.

 My only problem is that I CAN’T find them ANYWHERE to BUY and this is causing a world of pain.

Fellow bloggers, readers, friends and family, please, please, please help me find them. I will love you forever.

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2 responses to “Public Plea for House of Harlow’s Chelsea Sunglasses”

  1. Avatar Laurie says:

    I want them in black, the only place I've found them thus far is Miijo, an aussie shop. I can't find any UK stockists, let me know if you do xx