The M&S Coat That Hides a Multitude of Sins and a Bloated IBS Belly

M&S make good coats. This was complete news to me until I laid my eyes on this beauty way back in November when I was Christmas shopping. It was the patchwork-style colour blocking that hooked me and the giant silver poppers that reeled me in.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought myself anything from M&S before. In all honesty, it’s a shop I tended to avoid as I can’t stand how busy it always is but it’s routine for my mum, auntie, cousin and I to nip in when shopping together. Usually this brings me out in hives and sees me sprouting all sorts of complaints but some black suede fringed mules stopped that.

And then there was this coat. The one that hasn’t left my back since I got it as a gift.


The mix of stone, grey and navy means it goes with everything. If you wear it open, it looks quite oversized but when buttoned, it turns into a boxy little number. It’s fitted but roomy, which me and my bloating appreciate. And I love how it hits at the knee as I’ve been after a longer coat for a while.

I picked up this fluffy pink scarf from ASOS to inject a pop of colour. It may moult everywhere and leave pink patches but I kinda love it.


M&S, nice job. Never will I doubt you again.


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