Is This the Cosiest Jumper of All Time?

I think it just might be.

My first thought was my God, doesn’t that look soft. My second thought was how the jumper looks the perfect balance between oversized and fitted, if you see what I mean. My third thought was Christ, I really need to get this in my life. 
In case you were wondering, this Carla Sweater is from a Danish brand called Just Female. 
I love the way it hangs and hugs the frame but still shows that you have a shape beneath. Perfect. I can already imagine it being chucked over skinny jeans, skirts, dresses…. Anything really.
Of course, they all have to be sold out. That’s just my luck. Especially as I want to throw the charcoal one on now and never take it off. I’ve even signed up to receive an email when they come back in stock. That’s how much I want it.
Get yours here. Just not before me please.

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