What Living with IBS is Really Like for Me

Navigating life with IBS is messy, painful and full of ups and downs. When you’re flare free, it’s exhilarating, you think you’ve got it. You’re fixed. Then one bad flare comes along and has you rushing from bed to bathroom, multiple times. At least, that’s my experience, which is what I’m sharing today.

Don’t forget, everyone has different symptoms, but this is what living with IBS is like for me, as someone who has IBS-D. Have at it…

My bathroom is always well stocked for loo roll. If not, I have been known to pinch a roll or two from my mum’s, down the road.

I have a brilliant knowledge of all the free loos.

And know which train toilets are best to use.

Elasticated waistbands are my best friend.

There is a collection of hot water bottles by my bed.

And a jar in the kitchen stuffed with peppermint tea bags.

I know to line the toilet bowl with a little loo roll to discreetly hide any noises.

A dinner out means thirty minutes scanning the menu online before agreeing to visit that restaurant.

Even though it’s likely I’ll have to ask for the dish to be amended in person when I get there. Hold the cream. 

I might carry a spare pair of pants in my handbag.

I get immense pleasure from lying in the foetal position on clean bed sheets.

I pop my jean button when I sit down, forgetting to do it back up when I stand.

I yawn. All. The. Time. 

And always feel tired. *yawns*

Actually, tired doesn’t do it justice. It’s extreme fatigue.

And it makes me feel guilty as hell and leaves me without any energy to do anything.

My belly gurgles nearly as frequently as I yawn. 

I never confirm plans and frequently drop out at the last minute.

Meaning I’m always worried about being a rubbish, flakey friend.

I continually worry about having a flare up, which can sometimes bring on a flare.

Anxiety is a well-known friend.

My bottom moulds perfectly to my loo seat.

And I always know to take reading material in with me.

I’m very happy to talk about my bowel movements.

Got any to add? Drop ‘em below.

I should have turned this into some kind of drinking game, where you have to take a probiotic shot for every point you relate to.


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