Confessions of a Non-Dairy Eater

I guess I should start with a confession. While I say I’m dairy-free I still eat butter, occasionally chocolate and always cake. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth.

I should also confess that I haven’t eaten cheese, milk and cream, in over 10 years. I stopped eating them as I was experiencing all the classic IBS symptoms as soon as I had them. I went to the doctors, got nowhere, went back again and told to keep a food diary, found out dairy was a trigger to IBS, and the rest is history.

I thought I’d share some more of my non-dairy eating confessions.

1. I don’t ever feel like I could eat cheese again which disappoints Al, the fiancée.

2. I’ve never even bothered trying the dairy-free cheeses as I really don’t miss it.

3. I don’t happen to mind mozzarella if it’s with Parma ham or baked on top 0f a pizza. However, I don’t like it on its own. It tastes funny.

4. I can’t remember what real milk actually tastes like although my family tells me it’s close to the lactose-free stuff I pour over my cereal each day.

5. I don’t think I could ever give up cake completely. I just don’t have the will power. Cake is my weakness.

6. I am that annoying person in burger joints who orders the cheeseburger minus the cheese, because I love bacon.

7. I will eat cream if it’s been baked into a cake. I just pretended to myself that it’s not really there and doesn’t really count as I’m not drinking it straight out of the tub.

8. I really, really miss cheesecake. Like massively. It’s making me sad just thinking about it.

9. My friends hate inviting me round for dinner because there is dairy in pretty much everything and anything.

10. Spaghetti Carbonara used to be my favourite go-to meal whenever I ate Italian. These days I would not go near it.

11. My sweet tooth is one of my biggest flaws, making me crave chocolate, which is never advisable. Especially as I have no willpower.

There you have it. My confessions as a non-dairy eater, or as my friends like to say, a massive pain in the ass.

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