Why I Need Sunday As My Recovery Day

IBS leaves me feeling lethargic 99.9% of the time. Even when I’m having minimal symptoms, I still feel tired. I ache, I yawn, I feel heavy and I crave rest and sleep.

Two weeks ago today I tried to reintroduce pasta into my life as the second food to reintroduce on the Low-FODMAP diet. I can safely say my body fell at the first hurdle. I cooked up 5 tbsp, the recommended amount for day one, threw in some bacon, courgette and a fried egg and munched it down. My body is not one to be fooled and it reacted immediately, bloating and gurgling. I went to bed straight after.

Two weeks on, I still don’t feel 100% back to normal. My stomach has continued to feel heavy, my limbs have continued to ache and I have needed to spend almost every evening resting.

And that’s ok, because I’m practicing being kind to myself and listening to what my body is telling me. And if it needs rest, I’m giving it all the rest it could need. Last week that meant clearing my diary completely, so I did so.

Work is busy and tough at the moment and to treat myself I booked Al and I tickets to see Beauty and the Beast and have a dinner Friday night. I also arranged to visit Homesense with my mum Saturday, before popping into my auntie’s for cuddles with my three honorary nephews. Then, after the rugby, I then planned for Al and I to spend the evening with our besties, giving their baby cuddles, eating a takeaway and watching a film.

It was great but my god did it take it out of me. I had big plans for Sunday but ended up feeling tired and really low, spending most of the day napping and crying. None of which is what I had intended.

Sunday’s are the day I’ve started to carve out to unwind after a hectic week and an action-packed Saturday. They are intended as my day of rest. Where I can clean the bunny’s pen out, make her new toys, tick some more things off my wedding to-do list and, of course, catch up on blogging. I set no alarms, go at my own pace and spend the entire day in my pyjamas. It’s heaven.

And I physically and mentally need to do this. I need to have that day to recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the week ahead. And despite the fact that sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me because I’m only 30 and I should be able to do whatever the hell I want, when I want, I know how important it is to look after myself. And how much I will suffer if I don’t.

So for now until the end of time, I will continue to selfishly lock my Sunday’s up for my use only.

Hands up fellow gut healthers who need all the rest in the world to function?!?!

P.S So far I’ve only managed to try avocado and pasta during my reintroduction phase. I’m waiting until I feel more human to try the next one…

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6 responses to “Why I Need Sunday As My Recovery Day”

  1. Jo, I am with you IBS sister! I burnt the candle at both ends this past week as it was my birthday and I am massively paying for it now. I was in bed by 8:30 last night and I’m planning the same for the rest of the week. I find it helps to read in bed and blog plan in my notepad. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon lovely and keep going as you are doing fab!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Oh hell yeah Charlotte!! I hear ya, I feel like I’m normally pretty good at managing my diary so I don’t do too much but every now and then I overdo it. I love getting in bed early and relaxing. Although I do normally zonk out!

  2. Avatar Henrike says:

    I love your IBS posts Jo! Whenever I read them all I think is “me too”. Like with this one: I am the same way. I started a new job I am living in a new place where lots of stuff needs to be done. I really enjoy my PJ days, where I can just go my own pace and cross some of the little things off my “i-have-been-meaning-to-get-to-that-list”. Or just stare at the wall. Whichever feels right.

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Henrike, thank you, that’s so lovely to hear. And exactly why I write so openly about my IBS. We’re absolutely all in this together. You’re super brace for starting a new job and living in a new place but just remember, you’ve got this. And for days when you just want to stay in your pjs, do it. You’ll feel better for it. X

  3. Avatar Ceci says:

    Same here! However, two years into the diet I can tell you things will improve. And something that helps me a lot is to exercise regularly. At least 30 minutes a day, 4 to 5 times a week. That helps to take all the stress out of my system, it also helps me to be happier and stay possitive about myself (I so understand the Sunday crying). I would say that exercise is 50% of me feeling better and 50% the diet. Once you recover I suggest you try something you like to start slowly getting into rhythm.
    Hope it helps!

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hey Ceci, that’s such good news to hear. I know it will all be worth it and that of course there will be set backs. I’m just finding it tough as I felt so good during the elimination phase! I do Zumba and netball which keep my energy levels up! X