Mudeford Will Forever Be My Favourite Place in the UK

Avon Beach

Mudeford has an extremely tight hold of my heart. It’s where we holidayed as kids, working our way from Caravan to chalet as we got older and our parents saved more pennies. It’s my favourite place in the UK and that’s why, when my mum and I decided to take a 3-day break, it was the first place we thought of.

Well actually, I think I may have started by looking abroad but my tiny funds brought me back down to Earth and to a little apartment, a 3 minute walk from Avon Beach, in Mudeford.

mum and me

What we planned to do was based on the glorious sunshine we’d been having. What we ended up doing featured a lot more rain that we’d bargained for. We didn’t let that stop us and still managed to do our favourite things, in our favourite place. We just did it drenched through, because my waterproof jacket wasn’t waterproof anymore. Fun times. 

Here’s what we got up to…

We started off with an early morning breakfast at the Noisy Lobster on Avon Beach. We arrived for 8 in order to nab an all-important window seat to watch the nutters that go swimming. I always have the same thing, smashed avocado, tomatoes and poached eggs on gluten-free toast with a pot of peppermint tea. We sat, warming up, following the kite surfers as they flew along the choppy sea, embracing the sudden change of weather. 

mum and me

We walked down to Mudeford Quay to eat cockles, loaded with vinegar and pepper. All while being slapped in the face by the sideways rain.


We sipped pints of Guinness and Jack & Coke at the pub. 

Debated whether it was worth crabbing seeing as there was no competition from any other holiday makers.

Wondered if we’d ever be able to afford a beach hut on our beach.

Mudeford Quay beach huts

We ate garlicky mussels and chilli with a hunk of baguette in the pub, over a glass of wine. 

We walked from Avon Beach to Highcliffe, stopping to admire the castle and kite surfers, before having lunch and a jug of blueberry and elderflower Pimms at the Cliffhanger. 

Highcliffe Castle

Sat on the beach in the cold, the rain and eventually, the sun. People watching. Reading. Being still and soaking it all in.

We wore our hair scraped back off our unmade faces. 

We ate anything and everything. Including the most delicious seafood platter I’ve ever eaten. I’m talking clams, lobster tail, prawns, crab and oysters, which I tried for the first time.

seafood platter

We drank anything and everything.

We stopped off at Burley, in the New Forest, because I wanted to see the ponies. I’m still a big kid at heart.

We sat in the forest revealing in its beauty and silence. 

New Forest

We reminisced about the past, childhood holidays and my grandparents and made plans for the future. 

It was like reliving my childhood but as an adult, and it was bloody glorious. I left feeling refreshed and raring to go again. Which is why Mudeford is magical and will forever be my healing place. 

Where’s yours?


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