12 Things That Made My April Special

April’s been a funny old month that has come and gone so quickly, I’m not even sure I paused for a breath. I’ve had highs and lows, battled my anxiety and IBS and not really stopped for a break. I’ve also had some amazing highs, noted below, because I’m taking a moment to pat myself on the back for making it through the shit storm.

1. My ultimate highlight has to be my radio stint with Symprove where I confidently spoke about IBS and what that means for me. After 12+ years of having IBS I’m passionately on a mission to break the poo taboo and share my story with as many people as possible.

2. My little fluff ball fell poorly in the middle of April and the prognosis wasn’t in her favour. After three days of basically non-stop tears she pulled through and made a miraculous recovery. I’ve never felt more relived as I realised I definitely need her more than she needs me.

3. I’m not really that good at regular grooming so my bestie whisked me to her nail salon one Saturday morning so I could get my hooves shaved (hello Parmesan shavings) and painted. It felt nice to be pampered and my feet have never been so soft.

4. This month Al finally started work on our garden patio. We’re determined that this summer we’ll have a patio, garden furniture and new fences, meaning even more BBQs.

5. There is nothing I love more than family time. I managed to spend time with all of my nearest and dearest this month and have a tonne of phone snaps to prove it.

6. After 5 years I decided I’d have enough and wanted to invest in a new pair of specs I felt confident in. I chose these DVF babies and have literally worn them every day since I had them. Which is huge as I’m normally an avid lenses wearer.

7. I finally got round to ordering a Go Pro as I want to film every moment from our holiday and wedding. I wanted something light and easy to use as I want anyone and everyone to try their hand at documenting their stay so I can cut it all together for some epic memories. I road-tested it while playing on my 5-year-old nephew’s trampoline which made for some hilarious footage.

8. April saw a reunion of my former work wife, my beloved American and Kiwi for cocktails and dinner in London. Despite not having worked together for years now, it was like we’d never been apart.

9. I’ve been overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received this month regarding my IBS, radio opportunity and in everyday life. I’ve received two beautiful flower deliveries as well as a super cute BearHugs parcel. You guys make the best support system, so thank you.

10. Learning to accept my body, flaws and all, and realise how truly amazing it is despite everything we’ve been through together. And of course saying f**k you to any wedding diets.

11. Digging these denim kick flares out from the back of my wardrobe before completing a wardrobe cleanse and getting all my shit organised.

12. Going out for dinner with my two besties and going over our wedding plans as they stand so far because we’ve got 4 months and counting until we fly!

I’m kicking off May with a work trip to Milan so ciao for now.


4 responses to “12 Things That Made My April Special”

  1. Avatar sophiecliff says:

    Sounds like a fabulous month! Enjoy Milano and have a spritz for me 😉 x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Jo, you are brill and a very strong girly ?? Well done on the radio interview and for everything you do to raise awareness on IBS. Keep going as you are fabulous ?? Ohhhh looking forward to seeing Milan pics X