Tamara Mellon’s Badass Boots

I’m quite a lazy dresser. I like things that are easy to pull on
and go. Layers are ultimately my best friend and everyday go to. So, for
me, Tamara Mellon’s Sweet Revenge leather legging boots are ideal. Great name by the way.

knee high, move over thigh high, these boots merge seamlessly into
leggings, making sure there is no gap between boots and clothing. Bloody
genius if you ask me. As the lady herself says, “a thigh boot that pulls right up into a legging.” Hello!

Whack an oversize jumper or your boyfriend’s borrowed shirt on and go. What could be better?

only part, other than the price (£1,595), that bothers me is the ankle
area as it could look a little baggy. However, I am willing to push this
thought aside as the idea is pure brilliance.

Amen Tamara Mellon. A-freaking-Men.

What do you think, would you rock these legging boots?


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