A Love Letter to Simone Rocha

Dear Simone Rocha,

I felt like I had to write to you and explain our connection. You see, you’ve designed the most beautiful glitter-embellished shoes I’ve ever seen in the whole entire world and I just had to let you know. I honestly think you might have had me in mind when you were designing them.

I can imagine you in your studio, shouting “I need more sequins, bring me more sequins. Jo would want more sequins.”

You see, in my mind right now, I truly believe that I might have been your muse. After all, we both know that sequins, glitter and anything sparkly has my name written all over it. I also happen to love gold. I’m telling you Simone, it’s fate.

As for the perspex heel on these babies. You’re just spoiling me now. Stop it. It’s too much.

Lots of love,
Your muse, Jojo.
P.S the fact that you also made them in PINK just proves everything I’ve said already.

P.P.S. Your tinsel-knit top is also incredible.

Image courtesy of Selfridges.com


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