Latitude Lovin’

After a 5 hour drive on Thursday the not-so-new boyf and I spent the weekend at Latitude festival in Suffolk. This involved a weekend of music, dance, fashion, poetry and forest festivities.

My highlights include falling in love with Kele from Bloc Party, having a pretend birthday, hula hooping on stage, seeing Foals and Hot Chip, laughing a lot at Daniel Kitson and spending time with my ex work wife.

I didn’t take any outfit posts as my hair tends to go a little cray cray without a brush, a hairdryer and straighteners. I pretty much spent the whole weekend in short shorts and a tank top. Easy.

I do however, have this really fetching pic of the not-so-new boyf and me!

Beautiful right?

Image of Kele courtesy of Latitude festival


One response to “Latitude Lovin’”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I am jealous. I wish I had got organised enough to get to a festival x