Want it on Wednesday: Deliciously-Fugly Maya Gladiators

I happen to love a fugly shoe. It’s what my collection is built on; garish colours, chunky heels, buckles, heavy straps and general clunkiness.

That’s why I’ve fallen for Whistles Limited Maya Gladiators.

Garish green colour, check.
Heavy silver buckles, check.
Thick platform sole, check.
All-round fugliness, off the scale.

I want them. I want to pair them with jeans and tees as a punch of colour, or to add a tough feel to a cute summer dress. I want to run for the train in them and take them to the beach. I want to show them off to all my friends who laugh in the face of fugly shoes. I want to show them to one of my besties, Lisa, who will fully appreciate how good looking these sandals are. Holla if you agree Lis.

Yours MINE for £80 in the sale.

Get them here.


2 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: Deliciously-Fugly Maya Gladiators”

  1. Avatar Lisa Kingdon says:

    £225 down to £80… BARGAIN!!!! Love the minty green xx