5 Things I Don’t Want to See This Summer

As the weather continues to get warmer I see more and more people breaking some fashion rules that I just can’t cope with. I’m taking this post as my chance to get this off my chest before I go bat-shit crazy. I considered including pics with the post but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Leggings Worn as Trousers
Ladies, ladies, ladies. I don’t know how many times I need to say this but surprisingly, leggings aren’t trousers and should NOT be treated like them. Ever worn your leggings out and been surprised by the amount of attention you’re receiving? Well that’s because your leggings are sheer and the sun is reflecting off your arse, showcasing your bad knicker choice to the world. Would you go out in just your tights? No. So don’t do it in leggings.

Sandals That Are So Small Your Toes Hang Out
I don’t like feet. Or toes. Or anything below the ankle. I like it even less when toes are squished so tightly into shoes a size too small they hang over the edge. Even writing about it creeps me out.

Socks and Sandals
I know we’re all meant to be championing the pool slider and sock combo but I just can’t. Just looking at the pair of them together gives me the heebie jeebies. Al sometimes pairs his flip flops with white socks just because he knows I can’t stand it. It drives me mad. However, cute socks and heels I can cope with. Weird.

White Linen Trousers
Unless you’re wearing white or nude undies that can’t be seen, don’t bother. I don’t need to see. That’s all that I’ll say on that matter. I guess it’s similar to the legging situation.

Topless Men in Supermarkets
I don’t care what you look like, whether you have a six pack or a keg, I don’t want to see shirtless, sweaty bodies dripping on my fresh fruit and veg. It’s off putting and unhygienic. Please put it away.

I don’t know whether there’s some deeper meaning behind these five rules which explains my craziness but there it is. If you’re guilty of one of the crimes above, please stop, take a minute and check yourself.

Yours truly,
The feet-hating, socks-and-sandal naysayer.


2 responses to “5 Things I Don’t Want to See This Summer”

  1. Amen to this list, AMEN. I'm going to add in shorts so short I can see your bum cheeks too. I've witnessed far too much of this already.

    • Avatar Jojo says:

      I agree Laura. Although I do own a pair of butt skimmers but these have been banished and can only be worn if on holiday and with a long top.