Guest Appearance on LoveLuxe Blog

I have exciting news! The lovely Rosie from LoveLuxe has asked me to take part in her second ‘hangout’, where a panel of six get together, live on her site, to offer advice on a particular theme.

You can watch the first ever hangout here, which sees the panel discussing Winter Weddings.

My theme – drum roll please – hosting a Christmas open house. I’ll be part of the group offering tips on what you should be wearing….I’ll give you a pre-warning, it’ll involve sequins!!!!

Come join us over at tomorrow from 8pm and watch me babble my way through.

In the meantime if you have any questions you want to put to any of us then tweet me @josclothes.

I’ll be the one with puffy eyes, red nose, covered in sequins.

See you there!

– Sorry for the short post but as you can imagine I’m super excited and at work!


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