My Obsession with Court Shoes and the Reason I Never Buy Them

Confession, I am a shoe-a-holic. I have more shoes in my closet than I care to count, and that’s after throwing some out. I have my leopard Louboutins in pride of place on a shelf in my spare room. I have umpteen pairs of wedges and boots, my two favourite shoe types. I own everything from peep-toes, slingbacks, stilettos, platforms, fringed knee highs to metallic slipper shoes. You name it, I’ve probably got it. But despite being obsessed with shopping for a classic court shoe, I only actually own one pair.

And they were bought specifically as bridesmaid shoes for my beautiful cousin’s wedding.

I have at least three web pages open on my iPhone right now that revolve around court shoes. I spend hours browsing them online. And when I say court shoe, I’m talking classic court here. No slingback, straps or peep toes. Oh no. Straight up mid-heel, covered sides, pointed numbers. However I don’t mind a little summin’ summin’ going on too of the toes.

My only problem is, they just kill my feet. Now I don’t mind wearing an uncomfortable shoe, my toes are already a bit messed up so I can cope with blisters, bunions and numbness, but my toes just weren’t built for points.

I’ve seen so many from Kurt Geiger that have taken my fancy but with courts I feel like I can’t just settle for second best. It’d be like going for Mr Right Now rather than Mr Right. It just wouldn’t feel right. You’d forever have that little niggle at the back of your mind telling you something isn’t quite right.

Are the more expensive ones more comfortable? My Clarks brogues have a padded sole, why can’t courts do that? Or maybe have a marshmallow lining to cushion the toes. Hang on, I might take that idea to Dragon’s Den.

My dream courts however, have and always will be by Mr Blahnik. In particular the Hangisi Blue Embellished Satin Pump. Ever since that episode of Sex in the City I’ve been in love. No other pair has ever come close.

I think if I was to ever get married (hold your horses family) I’d like them to be the shoes I wear, Olivia Palermo style. I can imagine marrying the one I love in the shoes I love. I have to stop now, that’s way too much romance schmomance for me.


One response to “My Obsession with Court Shoes and the Reason I Never Buy Them”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    I envy people who can wear court shoes on a daily basis. I think nothing looks more chic, but totally with you- they KILL my poor feets.