How to wear the skirt???

My brilliant boyfriend bought me this skirt last Christmas from the fab boutique Lulu&Red in Westfields. It is truly one of a kind and extremely amazing. It has had gold discs embroidered onto the bottom and a gold flower like pattern hand painted all over it. It’s cut to sit high on the waist but swoop into a deep V at the back. There is a second layer which falls into ruffles/pleats at the bottom. When you look at the back extra material falls into some sort of bustle. It is an amazing skirt….my problem is I’m just not sure how to wear it….

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I know it needs thick black tights and incredibly high heels due to the length. But topwise..well I just can’t get it…I’ve tried it with a sheer sleeveless black top over a black vest….a short sleeved ruched poloneck…I’m just not sure how to really do this skirt justice and it is starting to annoy me no end…any tips ladies…..

NB: I wanted to take pics of how I styled it but I had no one to take any snaps tonight and wanted to post something….maybe if I get some inspiration I’ll try it again…


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  1. Avatar Emily says:

    I would suggest you try just a white ribbed tank or beater (it would have to be a nice one of course, not a shabby one) tucked into the skirt, with or without a black vest/waistcoat. I would also skip the black tights and try black peep toe pumps.

    Whatever you do, let me know how it works! It really is a gorgeous skirt.

  2. It is an absolutley lovely skirt but I can imagine it is very hard to wear…I’d have suggested a black vest but as you’ve already tried that I don’t know what else could work…

    By the way, I agree about wardrobe photos and I plan to take some of my own when I have time to tidy it up abit! Char x

  3. Avatar esther says:

    Maybe try (if you have one) a leotard/bodysuit type of thing, either sleeveless or maybe with a cap sleeve. I think that the tightness of it would be good with this skirt, especially with the low back that probably makes it hard to tuck things into. Cool find though, I hope you can find a way to work it girl! (I’m sure you will)

  4. Hey again! Thanks for getting back to me. I’d love to swap links, where do I start? X

  5. Avatar coco says:

    Hmm that is a tricky one. I’m noramlly not that great at teaming stuff with skirts – which is why I stick with dresses.
    Normally a grey V-neck saves the day, maybe try that? ha ha

  6. Avatar tanya says:

    I agree with Esther…maybe some sort of fitted top…something basic so it doesn’t compete with that gorgeous print!

  7. Avatar Jojo says:

    hey girls…I knew you’d all pull through and give me some ideas…I just need to get my hands on a blacl bodysuit now….will let you know how it goes….

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