Dotty dotty…

Yesterday was brilliant, the sun was shining, U2 tickets went on sale…and I got some….

Spent the whole day with a lil grin on my face…was so excited thought it would be a day to burst out the colour…and the dots. The boots are a pair of my faves..they have a shoe-like base and then two lengths of leather each side which you can wrap around your ankles and tie to create some great shapes…..

(Dress ASOS, hairband, belt and tights Primark, boots Office)

4 responses to “Dotty dotty…”

  1. this dress is so cute. and i also love the headband. the whole outfits is very lovely.

  2. Avatar Robynne says:

    Omg your blog is sooo awesome!! I love your posts and your Chanel quote (so inspiring)

    -Fashion on Edge

  3. love your dress! so cute!!
    lovely blog!

  4. Avatar Karen says:

    very very cute dress!
    – Karen

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