To Maxi Too Muchy?

For a while now I’ve been looking for the perfect summer maxi dress but have been struggling to find one that looks half decent. Ideally I would have had one to take with me on my holiday just been (explains the time away from the blog) but I’m being quite picky as I know how bad they can look if worn wrongly. For me the dress has to flow down the body, I don’t want it super tight; I like to be able to breathe! I want it to fall so it sits just on my ankle. And it has to look right wearing both flats – am thinking gladiator sandals (although I just busted mine on holiday) and wedges….Suffice to say nothing I’ve seen just yet fills my brief….Until I had a quick browse online today.
I was actually trying to track down one dress in particular that I had seen a girl on holiday wearing (check the ASOS one – can’t believe I actually found it)…and also managed to find these beauties…
Topshop Lurex Jacquard Maxi Dress, £75 and Oasis Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, £80


ASOS Rainbow Maxi Dress, £60 and T-Bags Embroidered Tie-Dye Maxi Dress £255 

Quirky…(and rather on the expensive side)

Future Classics Silk Crepe Modern Peasant Maxi, £795 and Erdem Fuji Floral Print Silk Dress, £880

If I was a rich girl…na na na na na na na na…I’d have the Erdem all the way. The colour and print is just so beautiful and the little waist belt is cute. Unfortunately I am not. Which is why I am leaning towards either the Topshop or Oasis one. I like the delicate look, with a slightly boho feel. Am think long chains and bangles, maybe even a flower in the hair!
What do you think? To maxi or too muchy???

4 responses to “To Maxi Too Muchy?”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I love all things maxi right now!

    Welcome back <3

  2. I LOVE the T-Bags one. But I like graphic prints. I can't handle anything sleeveless as I've got man shoulders (:P) but I did buy a great sleeveless black maxi with white tie-dye effect round the hem to wear as a skirt. I really want good maxi-skirts for summer but being pearshaped it gets tricky.
    PS Hello again!

  3. Avatar Anna Jane says:

    I absolutely love maxis – a lot of people I know hate them with a burning passion but I think they look so lovely! And so easy to wear too. I agree that tight dresses don't look so good, I prefer more flowy materials like silk. That ASOS rainbow dress is a winner.

    – Anna Jane xxx

  4. Avatar prettyneons says:

    Nah it's not too much go for it hun! I love Erdem too the price sucks huh?
    On ebay there are some really nice like vintage inspired maxi dresses,on this ebay store called bluebird -checcccck it haha that's me doing 'street' ha!
    have a great weekend, glad your back 🙂
    prettyneons xx

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