A Few of My Favourite Wedding Photos

I figured, nearly three months later, it was about time I pulled some wedding posts together as I have so much I want to share. From the all-important outfits to advice I’d give future brides but for now, a selection of my favourite photos from the day itself. Because as cheesy as it sounds, it really was the best day ever.

Even now sat on the sofa, drinking a rum and coke, burning our Antigua-scented candle, I still get tingles every time I look through our photos. All 1,593 of them. Massive kudos to our incredible photographer, Paul Mockford, who documented everything and captured a shit-tonne of laughter and some very cheesy grins.

The Morning
After a lazy breakfast with my two besties, surrounded by family members at other tables, my bridesmaids and I spent the morning slowly getting ready. Hello matchy-matchy robes. We were joined by visitors throughout the morning including two besties, my mum, my auntie, my flower girl and of course finally, my dad.

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The Ceremony
Having my dad walk me down the aisle on the jetty, seeing Al waiting for me at the end and having the coolest registrar on the planet made this a moment I’ll never forget. As did waiting at the end of the aisle for what felt like 10 minutes as the saxophonist got his shit together.

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The Rain and Rum Punch
As we made our way to sign the paperwork the heavens opened for one hell of a tropical shower. Everyone ran for shelter at the bar. Al grabbed my hand and my brother-in-law grabbed the bottom of my dress and we howled with laughter.

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The Reception
We had our reception on the beach, it was all sandy toes and wet dresses. Our dear friend hurricane José, brought a little tidal surge meaning we had to keep moving the tables up the beach, eventually enjoying the sea lapping at our ankles under the table during dinner. The steel band then played as we danced the night away and conga’d through the sea.

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And yes, I had an outfit change because my dress had turned into a sandbag and I wanted to cut loose. More on that in the next instalment because I may have found my blogging mojo again.


I cannot stop smiling.

Photos taken by Paul Mockford.


12 responses to “A Few of My Favourite Wedding Photos”

  1. Avatar Lisa says:

    Gorgeous ❤

  2. Avatar sophiecliff says:

    Oh Jo, these are just beautiful! You looked absolutely stunning and your smile says it all xxx

  3. Avatar Donna says:

    Enjoy seeing these all day long , happy times , family memories forever xx

  4. Avatar Roisin Gandhi says:

    Wow! stunning photos and you have and your family have made some gorgeous memories xx

  5. Avatar Cecilia says:

    ❤️Just breathless! Congrats!

  6. Avatar Jayne says:

    Loved every minute….even the scary bits!!
    What an experience, what a wedding!
    So happy for you both. The pics say it all xxx