9 Things That Happened in November That Put a Smile on My Face

I love November. I love the change in weather, I love being able to wrap myself up in all the layers, drink mulled wine and start all the preparation for Christmas. Because I’m a bloody big kid at heart.

Here are some of the things that made me smile in November.

1. I met with my dietician and for once, didn’t leave an IBS appointment in tears. I’ve been accepted on to a FODMAP course starting in January and couldn’t be more excited.

2. Whistles launched a bridal line… Only a couple of months after I’d already committed to another dress! Damn then.

3. Al and I went to a pretty spectacular firework party round a friend’s house complete with all the food and a bloody humongous swimming pool.

4. My bestie and I threw a successful hen do for another bestie where we glammed up 20’s style, sipped anything and everything alcoholic, watched some cabaret and threw some questionable shapes.

5. I went for a girly dinner to celebrate another bestie’s 30th birthday which was so lovely. I’ll be joining that crew shortly and I’m feeling ready for it.

6. I may have found my DREAM wedding shoes while shopping with my mum. Which means I now need to start saving ALL my pennies. Expect a blog post dedicated to this soon…

7. I’ve successfully tried one of the bridesmaid dresses I loved on one of my squad and  it lived up to my expectations. Wahoo!

8. I’ve nearly finished all mine and Al’s Christmas shopping and am now ready to whip up a tree and wrap those prezzies, all while watching Elf.

9. We picked up candle that not only looks absolutely gorgeous, it smells exactly like a Christmas tree. I adore it.

December, I’m ready for you baby. Bring it.

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8 responses to “9 Things That Happened in November That Put a Smile on My Face”

  1. Avatar sophiecliff says:

    It sounds like your November has been ACE. Have a very lovely December lady x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. I wish my November had been more like yours! I am pretty much done with this year now haha

  3. Avatar Toni says:

    Do you still take Symprove? Also how did you figure out your triggers for IBS? Did you just know the obvious ones or have you tried stuff like going dairy free for example? Or is this something you’re actively doing now with being on the low FODMAP diet? Sorry for all the questions haha, just struggling a lot with my IBS right now and seeking all the advice and info I can get. xx

    • Jojo Jojo says:

      Hi Toni, I do still take Symprove although I now take a 30ml maintenance dose rather than the 60ml to start with. Figuring out my triggers definitely took time. I started by keeping a food diary noting down everything I ate and how it made me feel. This made me realise that dairy was a strong trigger, so with the help of a doc, I eliminated all diary from my diet. I basically switched to lactose-free milk and stopped eating cheese and cream – these three were the strongest triggers. I also know that if I get stressed or anxious it goes straight to my tummy causing a flare up. I also know that gluten triggers some of my symptoms, for example painful bloating, so I switch to gluten-free products instead. It’s definitely a trial and error process but I’d recommend asking your doctor to be referred to a dietician. This is only something I’ve done recently but I start my FODMAP coarsen January and couldn’t be any more excited! I also practice meditation and box breathing which helps me keep on top of my anxiety. Hope this helps! Feel free to email me if you want to talk more! Jojo x

      • Avatar Toni says:

        Thank you so much for this reply, Jo. I meant to reply before but things were getting hectic haha. I might take you up on that offer to email you sometime. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on with your dietitian. I’m waiting for my referral letter currently! Hope you’re doing well! xx

        • Jojo Jojo says:

          Definitely take me up on the offer, email away. I love talking about this stuff! Fingers crossed you get your letter soon. x

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