So This Happened… We Got a Fluff Ball

Meet the latest addition to the Coates family, Lilly.

Yep, this huge cloud of white (forever-moulting) fluff has officially turned our living room into a rabbit retirement home.

Much like Al, she likes to be fed regularly, given constant head rubs and can be easily entertained with cardboard.

I’ve wanted a pet for a loooooooooooong time now. I blogged way back in May 2015 about wanting a bunny which proves my dedication to the cause. And now I have my very own. All praise goes to my dearest friend Cat, who we adopted Lilly from, for letting us take care of her in her latter years in life.

And yup, she’s a Dwarf Lop. And yup, she’s pretty darn cute. And yup I saw some people started putting up accounts for their pets and I though, my pet needs that too, I’ve set her up her own Instagram account, @LillyTheLopEaredBun, which you need to follow immediately for round-the-clock cuteness.

I am now a crazy-old bunny lady. And I love it.


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  1. How exciting, I love bunnies almost as much as I love cats- shame the two don’t mix! Congratulations on your new addition xx

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