Want it on Wednesday: My Dream Tassel-Hem Jeans

I feel like I only go to Topshop when I need me some new denim. They make jeans that fit my waist, hips, junk and my short legs, which is a tall order. Their latest denim drop does not disappoint, these jeans have TASSELS!!!!

Straight legged, check.

Mid-rise fit, check.

Cropped to the ankle, check.

Did I mention the tassels?!?! CHECK!!

I’m not officially in the market for new jeans just now, but I feel like I can make an exception for these MOTO Tassel Hem Jeans. Although at £45, Toppers are definitely hiking up the prices.


2 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: My Dream Tassel-Hem Jeans”

  1. Oh I hate being skint, these are just what I’ve been looking for!

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