How To Wear a Denim Pinafore in Winter

Sometimes all you want to do is pull out your pale denim pinafore, add some stripes and your red Dorothy boots and click your heels together. And that’s just what I did.

Sometimes I like to dress my age and other times I like to try and transition my summer wear to winter. This weekend was no exception. When all I plan on doing is running errands and relaxing at home, I like to do so in comfort. The above outfit is no exception. I wore this denim pinafore pretty much all summer, wheeling it out with a cute vest top and flat sandals. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still wear it when the weather gets colder. I just throw on a few more layers and play it a little smarter.

Add tights
The thicker and higher the denier the better.

Layer it up
Replace cute camis with oversized men’s shirts, see how I wear Al’s here, and long-sleeved tees.

Pull on a jumper
Whether you wear it underneath, tucked into the pinafore or chuck it on over the top, transforming the pinafore into a skirt, a jumper is a must for warmth.

Finish with boots
Red glittery ones are optional. But will always win.

More is always more in this instance. Go forth, bust out your summer clothes and layer, layer, layer.


One response to “How To Wear a Denim Pinafore in Winter”

  1. Avatar laura says:

    Love this, especially the boots- essential to any outfit! x