Want it on Wednesday: The Zara Jewel Bag to Channel My Inner Capricorn

I’m a Christmas baby, being born right smack-bang in the middle of Christmas and New Year, meaning I’m a Capricorn. And I pretty much tick off every attribute given to my zodiac sign.

I did a quick Google to remind myself of key attributes know to Capricorns and there’s no surprise to me that I tick all of them. Ambitious, determined, practical, realistic, pragmatic, efficient, organised (mostly), patient (not sure Al would agree with this), down-to-earth, devoted, cautious and responsible.

Which leads me nicely on to Zara’s horoscope collection, 12 bags dedicated to said zodiac signs. And while some people will tell you The Scorpio Bag is the best, I strongly disagree. The Jewel Bag is where IT’S AT! Mainly because it’s a celebration of being a badass Capricorn, with the goat (AKA my spirit animal) wearing a sparkly, jewel crown complete with faux fur mane.

It honestly couldn’t suit me more. And it’s under thirty quid. You’re welcome.


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