It’s a new year…

So Christmas, my birthday, New Year and most of January have come and gone and I have not posted once. Shameful. 
I don’t have any excuses. Just news. 2010 was a difficult year for many reasons. I had a non-cancerous tumour discovered and then removed from neck, my brother was diagnosed with epilepsy and I got out of a relationship that wasn’t working. For me 2011 is the year of change and can only get better, and it has already started thanks to having a great family, friends and someone special….
I want to keep this post, like my favourite hemlines, short and sweet and finish with a few quotes that I love.
“I like today and perhaps a little future still, but the past is really something I’m not interested in. So, as far as I’m concerned, I like only the past of things and people I don’t know. When I know, I don’t care because I knew how it was.”
Karl Lagerfeld
And because you can’t have quotes without mentioning Chanel….
“A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”
Coco Chanel  

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