Readers I need your advice and opinions here. I’ve found a particular pair of shoes and need to know whether they are fugly or not. I feel I may be losing my sense of taste…

These are the culprits.

The brand behind them is Vintage America and the shoes themselves are called Ruggedly Taupe Shoe Boot, available from the KG website. I think there might be a clue in the name no?

They are only £80 and have a nice chunky wedge which we all know I’m a sucker for but do I like them?

Something inside me is telling me I’d be a fool not to buy but at the same time I think my friends might laugh at me even more than they do already. But do I care.

Maybe I’ll just get them anyway….

Opinions please. Fugly?


2 responses to “Fugly”

  1. Avatar Fuyume says:

    I really like them i'm also a big fan of wedges 🙂