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5 Reasons We Should Be Embellishing Our Tights, Dolce and Gabbana Style

I will typically wear my thick black tights the whole year round, pausing for a break somewhere in the midst of summer where my pasty, reptile-like pins get a brief glimpse of sun. I’ve written before about why I love tights so much, and I really do, but while I love their practical nature, I also love embellishment and a bit of sparkle. Which is why I believe we should all be embellishing our tights, Dolce and Gabbana style.

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Want it on Wednesday: All the Tassels

As soon as I hear the word ‘tassel’ I’m like an excitable puppy. Alongside sequins, stripes and animal print, tassels are one of my many weaknesses, which will explain everything about today’s WIOW item.

This Leah Tassel-Print Stretch-Cotton Skirt from Saloni is bursting with colour having been inspired by the Silk Road. The silhouette is speaking my language; A-line, cropped to the calf and mid-rise, which I will make an acceptance for on this occasion.

It’s a tad on the pricey side *cough* £350 *cough* so won’t be appearing in my wardrobe anytime soon but that won’t stop from admiring from afar.

This skirt has also made me consider purchasing a neon yellow clutch. Damn pay-day money burning a hole in my purse.

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I Just Spent All My Money at Urban Outfitters

I just got paid and spent it already. To be fair, I haven’t been clothes shopping for myself in a really long time.

I made the rookie mistake of opening and then clicking on a sale link from an Urban Outfitters email, and I got sucked in to a world of kimonos, tassels and breezy shorts. I just couldn’t help myself.

As if to justify my shopping habits, I had to think of at least one good reason I needed each item. Just to convince myself it was worth it.

Item: Native Rose Strawberry Field Shorts

Reason: I can’t resist a floaty short, especially ones as breezy and as colourful as these.

Item: Light Before Dark Surplice Kimono Top in Black

Reason: I need a good black shirt but wanted one with a twist. This has a deep v neck, ginormous sleeves, relaxed fit and slits up the side.

Item: Staring at Stars Mix Print Border Kimono

Reason: I love a good kimono in the summer. This would work perfectly over a shirt and jeans for work as it would over a bikini on my holiday.

Item: Pins and Needles Lace Mix Tank

Reason: I’m a sucker for an over-sized tank with a hint of lace and I never need an excuse to go braless.

Item: Staring at the Stars Tassel Cardigan in Grey

Reason: There was only one. Tassels. Need I say more?

I’m having that illogical feeling of hoping I don’t like them all when they arrive so I can send some back. Which is dumb seeing as ten minutes ago I was more than happy to add them all to my basket and pay for them. Anyway, I’ll report back. It’ll be just my luck that I end up loving them all.

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New Spangly Arm Candy

Can a clutch count as arm candy? If so, this one bust straight in as my new favourite, taking pride of place on my shelf alongside my yet-to-be-worn Louboutins, which is no easy feat.

While I’m still mourning the loss of some clutch casualties that were ruined by damp and mould, I have to say I am enjoying building my collection back up. I spotted this clutch on ASOS a while ago and included it in my roundup 5 Sequin-Covered Beauties You Need in Your Life. I thought it was dreamy then, the mix of colours, the textured tassles, the sequins, and then I got my hands on it, thanks to HP Harman. Now it’s even better.

Back in my original post I wrote that I wanted to wear it with an all black outfit, letting the clutch do all of the talking but I’ve changed my mind. This new arm candy makes me want to layer all of my sequin-covered clothes on top of each other and twirl in the middle of a dance floor, letting the light reflect off my bounty causing some serious strobing.

A girl’s night out is currently being planned. I’m not sure they’re ready for all the sequins just yet.