5 Reasons We Should Be Embellishing Our Tights, Dolce and Gabbana Style

I will typically wear my thick black tights the whole year round, pausing for a break somewhere in the midst of summer where my pasty, reptile-like pins get a brief glimpse of sun. I’ve written before about why I love tights so much, and I really do, but while I love their practical nature, I also love embellishment and a bit of sparkle. Which is why I believe we should all be embellishing our tights, Dolce and Gabbana style.

During the Spring 2016 shows, Dolce and Gabbana sent a model down the runway with her shins encased in knee-high tights covered with beads, sequins, pom poms, tassels and flowers. And it was beautiful. I get it’s not entirely practical and that if you cross your legs you’re likely to get them stuck together however, I don’t think this matters because you’ll be looking too fabulous to care.

Here are 5 reasons why I’m getting the glue gun out:

1. I adore anything with a hint of embellishment so these, to me, are what my super-shiny dreams look like.

2. Looking down at these tights would give you a grin bigger that the Cheshire cat’s, anytime of the day. A really sh*t day could be fixed by having a quick stroll and watching all the different colours and textures catch the light.

3. You can take a plain skirt or dress from zero to hero in 5 seconds flat by rolling these beauties up your legs.

4. Every one you sashay past will stop and ask you where you got your tights from. You can either lie and say D&G (I dread to think of the price tag) or say “what these old things? I whipped these up in 5 minutes flat”.

5. You will be the envy of all of your friends with your badass leg jewellery. Because that is now a thing.

How you’ll wash them, I have no idea. See you in the haberdashery queue.

Images courtesy: Vogue


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