5 Reasons I Want To Be A Valentino Girl

Grace, elegance and poise are not three things I’m known or will ever be known for. I’m more unpolished, unrefined and well, just a bit messy.

Don’t let this fool you though. I’m all up for trying something new. In particular, this something new revolves around the beauty that is Valentino’s Fall 13 ready-to-wear collection.

I have 5 main reasons for wanting to be a Valentino girl…

1. Collars. They’re big, they’re sharp and they’re
pristine white. They’re laser-cut leather or plain cotton piqué. They’re
absolutely gorgeous and I want them… All.

2.  Florals and collars and cuffs. This outfit melts my
very hardened heart. I am a lover of florals, collars and cuffs, so when
those three things are paired together it makes me more than a little
happy. I could actually look at this outfit all day.

3. Knitwear and lace. Who’d have thought knitwear in
the palest stone could look this sexy. The lace collar, the tight
fitting body, the lace. Oh. My. God. The. Lace.

4. Sequins. To be worn alongside collars, cuffs
(there’s a definite theme going on here) and a cape. This is absolute
magical perfection. I’m a magpie when it comes to sparkles, in
particular anything sequin covered.

5. The maxi. Who said maxi dresses were only for summer. There’s just something incredible about a dress of two halves hanging to the floor in thick wool. What’s more impressive is that there is not one inch of skin on show yet this is one of the sexiest dresses in this post.

My list could have gone on and on and on, but I restrained. I’ve been keeping busy practicing my side plait.

View the entire gorgeous, amazing, hypnotizing collection on style.com


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