Want it on Wednesday: Christopher Kane’s Feather Trim Dress

Today’s WIOW is a little crazy, outrageous, whimsical but I’m going for it, every one needs to think big sometimes.

I’m talking big in terms of design, colour, shoulders and price tag.

Christopher Kane I bow down before you. Boy, you’ve done me proud.

This rich, maroon satin mini is a thing of sheer beauty. When I first saw it, it actually made my toes curl in excitement.

It’s cut to absolute perfection, hugging the waist and then kicking out into an A-line skirt. The deep v neck, the exaggerated shoulders, the FEATHER TRIM. I feel like that has to be shouted. My bad. I just can’t get over the feathers.

What can I say, I’m in love.

I’d sell everything I own for this dress. I’d even throw in the not-so-new boyf for good measures. I’m generous like that.

In the meantime, I’m pulling up the sofa cushions looking for spare change. You gotta start somewhere, right! You, however, can get yours here for a mere £2200. Happy drooling.


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: Christopher Kane’s Feather Trim Dress”

  1. Avatar Lisa Kingdon says:

    I just clicked on your link to this dress and the exaggerated shoulders aren't really exaggerated shoulders. They are actually "Folded angel wing detail to the rear" which is EVEN BETTER!!! x