My Greatest Successes

My Greatest Successes

Emma Thompson wrote a line in October’s copy of Red magazine which really resonated with me and I haven’t been able to shake it since. “I wish I’d known that success is a byproduct, not something to be strived for. The process is the most important thing.” This got me thinking about some of my greatest successes and again, what that word means to me.

I started thinking about what I used to deem a success in my early twenties, versus what that word means to me in my thirties. And it’s very different, so I made a list – because I love nothing more than visual evidence of something. I’d encourage you to do the same.

  • Tackling more decorating in our flat, investing in it and creating an oasis of calm. It’s becoming a space we can enjoy for the next couple of years and be excited to share.
  • Being a very proud auntie to a whole heap of nephews and nieces, some related by blood, some honorary. All are equally adorable.
  • Being happy and healthy both in body and mind.
  • Appreciating the journey I’ve been on with myself. Acknowledging that I needed help, the process of getting help and then working through the puzzle that was my mind.
  • Creating a space online with a community I adore, where I’m able to type passionately about my IBS, my mental health and my love of a midi skirt and bloat-friendly dress.
  • Being asked to speak on a panel at a Gut Stuff event about IBS and being in a room with a whole bunch of others in the same situation. Knowing that my honesty about my struggles had got me there.
  • Celebrating friends achievements and watching as they achieve great things, from weddings, babies, promotions and new beginnings.
  • Having a bestie you can talk to after each therapy session and share exactly what you’ve been learning.
  • Creating a network of past and present work colleagues to turn to for advice, help, contacts and reassurance.
  • Being able to call some of those colleagues friends.
  • Knowing my self-worth and valuing myself.
  • Taking my fluffy bun, Lils, on and watching her thrive in her old age. Knowing that I rely on her as much as she does me.
  • Managing to convince myself to leave the house when I’m feeling drained, have major fatigue, IBS or anxiety.
  • My female friendships are some of my greatest successes.
  • Feeling content with where I’m at right now.

Here’s the quote that inspired me, highlighted in gold because I’m all kinds of fancy.

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