10 Reasons I Need a Drinks Trolley

We finally decorated our living room over a year after we moved in and while it’s so close to being complete, we have a huge empty space in the corner by the back door. I’m currently undecided as to whether I should fill it with some kind of badass plant thing or a drinks trolley.

Here are the 10 reasons I believe I NEED one.

1. Me and Al happen to love a drink.

2. We’re extremely lazy (read, I’m extremely lazy) and don’t always want to walk the 10 steps to the kitchen to get one.

3. We have a shit tonne of booze and need somewhere to put it, the drink cubby holes in the kitchen are full and we have an extra 5 bottles of whiskey lining up our work top.

4. A drinks trolley would give all of the above a home.

5. And look super-duper fancy. Imagine friends faces when they enter the living room and are offered a drink from said trolley. We’ll look so grand.

6. I’ll be able to say, “what would you like from my drinks trolley” and “step over to my drinks trolley”.

7. It fits with my whole retro but still-a-little-Scandi vibe I have going on in the living room.

8. We can just wheel it outside (not very easily but we’ll gloss over that) when the weather gets warmer and we start using the smoker again.

9. We could even set up a stall outside our flat and give the local pub a run for its money – booze and pulled pork comin’ atcha.

10. We could even sit on it and have drinks trolley races. Ok maybe I’ve gone too far with this one…

So I think we all know that I’m sold, now I just need to work on selling it to Al. And raising the £395 needed to purchase this Luxe Round Bamboo Drinks Trolley.


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