Want it on Wednesday: A Little Slice of Robert Plant

I am obsessed with many things in life, my bunny, glitter, fugly shoes, cake, talking about IBS and Led Zepp. I was brought up on a mix of classic club bangers and George Michael courtesy of my mum, and Led Zepp, Simple Minds and U2 due to my dad. While I still love all genres listed above, it was always Led Zepp that captured my heart.

In particular Robert Plant. I adore him. I adore his voice, the way he can string out a lyric and his presence on stage.

It’d be a cliche to tell you that Stairway to Heaven is my favourite song, it’s definitely up there and has heavy meaning for me, but really, my faves including Ramble On, Fool in the Rain and Good Times Bad Times.

This may help to explain why today, I’m after a  piece of Robert Plant to hang with pride in my living room. Originally I wanted an old black and white photo I’d seen of him on stage in the 70s’. But now my living room is 90% decorated (Al and I have this thing where we get bored and move on before finishing a room) and a nice mix of greys and oranges, I’ve found three prints that would work nicely. I just don’t know which one to choose.

1. The Astronaut. 2. The Profile. 3. The Ramble On?

Help me.


4 responses to “Want it on Wednesday: A Little Slice of Robert Plant”

  1. Avatar Roisin says:

    The Astronaut to blend in with the Orange and grey and the Ramble on for a splash of vibrancy xx

  2. YES! Robert Plant is a legend! xx