6 Things To Do When You Need Some Time Out

Recently I’ve been feeling run down and dealing with waves of anxiety. When it all gets a bit too much, these are the 10 things I like to do to unwind…

Just Breathe
So much easier said then done. When I’m feeling the initial stages of my anxiety kicking in, I like to walk away from whatever situation I’m in, find somewhere private, close my eyes and focus on taking 10 deep breaths. This helps control my racing heart, makes me unclench my jaw and eventually release all the worries that are building up inside.

Laugh, a Lot
Because sometimes all you really need is a deep-rooted, honking-like-a-seal belly laugh to make you feel like yourself again.

Rest and Relaxation
Take a couple of hours out, pull on your comfies, snuggle up with some guaca and chips and leaf through the latest Elle magazine, all while sitting in bed.

Take a Bubble Bath
Fill the tub high with bubbles, light every candle you own and sink into heaven. A glass of wine is optional.

Get Your Bake On
It’s one of my favourite pastimes but not something I’ve done since a good work friend’s birthday in September. To be honest my last bake didn’t go well – I added one too many bananas to my loaf – but the satisfaction of mixing all the ingredients, being methodical and the proud feeling of pulling a cake out of the oven is super rewarding and super relaxing for me. Even if I can’t always eat my baked goods. Damn IBS.

Make a List
But not the conventional list of your ever-growing to-dos, instead, jot down everything you’ve accomplished that day. This will act as a reminder every time you start to feel overwhelmed and overworked.

Got your own tips? Share them below…


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