My 3 Wants from the Cos Sale

For me, Cos is the one place I go to for good basics, clean lines and well-cut shapes. I’m trying to be more of a savvy shopper, buying pieces that I know I can wear with any number of things in my wardrobe rather than grabbing any old thing that catches my Magpie-like eye. 

I’ve narrowed my Cos wish list down from about 10 pieces to 3. See, savvy.

First up, the Flared Asymmetric Dress. A thing of elegant beauty, structure and simplicity. This feels like a dress a grown up would wear and I’m ready to be that grown up. It ticks my loose and A-line boxes but what really sets it apart is the contrasting flared poplin hemline. It’s perfection.

I can already imagine wearing this bright red Top with Split Hem over skinny jeans or with the front tucked into one of my many high-waisted midi skirts. It’s relaxed, slouchy and brings a pop of colour to dull winter days.

My third and final item (it’s been so hard to narrow them down) is this navy Dress with Padded Neckline. When the description includes words such as drape, layers and pleats I immediately get excited. I love the way it hangs just skimming the body, and the way the dress stops just above the knee before the sheer layer continues, hitting just above the ankle.

Sold, sold and sold.


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