Want it on Wednesday: Reiss Reine Sandals

Let me start this post by stating that if I knew Reiss did such bad-ass CFM shoes, I would have been posting about them a lot sooner.

These bad boys are no exception. Meet the Reiss Reine wrap over sandal.

These shoes literally have me drooling all over my keyboard.

The straight heel, the wrap over buckle, the exposed toes and cut away ankle detailing. It’s all incredibly sexy.

In fact, I can imagine someone like RiRi rocking these while grinding away on a photo shoot. Although now I think about it that’s not really the image I want stuck in my head…

The Reine will set you (I mean me, who am I trying to kid) back £189 hard earned pounds, which is pricey. But I guess a price shouldn’t be put on such an object of beauty.

Now who wants to buy me a pair? RiRi style dancing is not part of the deal. That counts as a disclaimer right?


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