5 Reasons We All Need a Good Jumpsuit in Our Lives

I believe that every girl should have a good jumpsuit in their lives. Mine is this beauty from French Connection. It’s maybe pushing five years old now but ticks all my boxes every time.

Here are my five reasons you need one in your life too:

1. Because instead of having a ‘I have no clothes what should I wear’ dilemma. You can just pull out your trusty jumpsuit and throw it on. Bam.

2. A jumpsuit is basically an adult onesie that is acceptable to wear out of the house. Fact.

3. They look damn fine, especially those that have a deep v, nip in and highlight the waist and magically make the legs look longer. From us short-legged girls, I thank you.

4. They are multi-purpose and can basically be styled however you like. Team with a jumper and flats for work, or heels and bling for an evening.

5. Why the hell would you not want one. Look at them!


One response to “5 Reasons We All Need a Good Jumpsuit in Our Lives”

  1. If I thought I'd look like you in a jumpsuit I'd buy one right now despite being poor! xx