Want it on Wednesday: The Cambridge Satchel’s Metallic Range

It’s the 2nd January, the sales are still in full force and I’m still… skint. Dammit. But I won’t let that put me off my Want it on Wednesday feature. Oh no. I’m made of stronger stuff. Plus, I come bearing good news… The Cambridge Satchel Company have reduced the price of their metallic range. Whoop!

Oh yes indeed, one of these shimmering beauts could be yours for £78.

You can choose from royal blue, pink, lilac and rose gold and decide whether you want the 11in or 13in.

Personally I’d have to go for the gold as it’s first one I spotted but it’s closely followed by the lilac.

These satchels are perfect for carrying your day-to-day crap around. They may look fairly slim but actually there is a lot of room for all your belongings, including the kitchen sink if necessary. Go get yours now

Don’t worry about me. I’ve only been after one since June last year. No biggie. Will just carry on waiting… patiently.

Are you the proud owner of a satchel? If so, which one?


One response to “Want it on Wednesday: The Cambridge Satchel’s Metallic Range”

  1. Avatar Lily Breader says:

    Having blue and metallic satchel designed like this is great! it would certainly make a perfect birthday present.