A Whole New World of Roll Necks

As I’ve got older my taste and style have definitely changed. These days I’ll stray from the minis in my closet unless they’re paired with the thickest black tights I can find. And while I’ll always be attracted to bright colours and anything sequin covered, the clothes I find myself gravitating towards are mostly of a black, charcoal and camel colour. And then a couple of weeks ago, a roll neck caught my eye.

No big deal you might think but you’d be wrong. You see I have a long-standing fear of roll necks and everything they stand for. Since my thyroid op I hate anything feeling too tight on my neck, meaning I’ve vetoed chokers, any of the cute tees that have a slightly higher neck and roll necks. I hate feeling restricted in clothes and roll necks make me feel claustrophobic.

Apart from this Contrast Roll Neck from Hush. It’s done something quite magical in the fact that I’ve fallen completely in love with it.

I love the neutral colour palette, the black sleeves and neck against the camel panel. I even, shock horror, love the roll neck. I’m putting this down to the fact that it looks soft, slouchy and inviting. Not restricted, too tight and just plain awkward. In my mind I’m already dressing this with my selection of midi skirts or throwing it over a pair of black skinnies.

I think this roll neck has cured me.


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