WIOW…. Metallic Trousers

Well hello metallic trousers, how do you fancy jumping into my wardrobe? I’ve got a hanger with your name on…

ASOS Herringbone Metallic Trousers

I’ve been craving some slim fit trousers for a while now. The short ankle length only adds to the appeal. As does the metallic colour.

I can see them teamed with a sheer blouse and heels for work or a little cami and blazer for nights out.
Think I’ve just talked myself into purchasing them… Especially as they’re only £40.

I always struggle to find trousers to fit my dodgy shape, so am unsure whether these will actually work and flatter me. But hey ho, you have to try.


One response to “WIOW…. Metallic Trousers”

  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Ohhh man, amazing! Adding to my wishlist!

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