An Open Letter to Santa…

Dear Santa,

Seeing as Christmas is only 124 days away, I figured I’d try to get my letter to you on the early side this year. My mum always said to me it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Let me just start by saying I have been a really good girl this year.

I’ve got myself a new boyfriend who I’ve taught how to moisturise, deodorise, and accessorise. I’ve shown my mum the power of skinny jeans on her little chicken legs, and taught my dad the power of a slim cut shirt.

I smiled happily when my best friend told me he was moving away, I screamed with joy when my cousin announced him and his girlfriend were pregnant and due on Christmas, and I didn’t even bat an eyelid on my other cousins new relationship status. And, I did this all without judging or making a fuss, I didn’t even mind the lack of attention on me.

To add to that, I’ve brought to life my mum’s old food processor and lovingly used it to teach myself how to bake.

All in all, I think I’ve behaved spectacularly so far this year.

And that, Santa, is why I think I DESERVE and NEED these Miu Miu glitter and suede peep-toe ankle boots in my life.

Please Santa, gift me these Miu Miu boots, I’ve been really good this year…

The glitter works perfectly for the party season and the peach suede is to-die-for. It would be an insult, to not only all my clothes, but my wardrobe if it weren’t able to house these beauties.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m being selfish about these boots. Not only would they make me a very happy child (which is what you’re all about remember), but they would make everyone around me happy too. You see, these shoes just spread love and cheer. Many a lady would coo over them. Heck, even my not-so-new boyfriend is impressed with them, “They’re deceiving as the pink part looks like one shoe and glitter part another.”

They’re an investment and I appreciate that. I’m not sure how long it would take the little elves at Miu Miu to create them, so I’m getting in early. We wouldn’t want them all to run out and be out of fashion by Christmas would we Santa?

Speaking of which, are you doing any early test runs this year? I’m sure the reindeer’s legs could do with a stretch. If so, wouldn’t it make sense to fly over my house and just drop the pretty box through my chimney? That way I could get the most wears out of them. I’ll leave some mince pies, sherry and carrots out just in case.

Looking forward to seeing you (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone).


Your biggest fan.



2 responses to “An Open Letter to Santa…”

  1. omg!! love it..i think i should also start writing letter to SANTA!!
    love love that mui mui boots!! PRETTY RAD!!

  2. Avatar Red head cousin says:

    Bean, I know that the shoes are the focus of this post and boy are they gorgeous. But, your comment brought a tear to my eye and I just wanna tell you that I love you and your acceptance means A LOT

    Hope santa gets your order in time xxx

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