A Little Nip n Tuck…

Surprisingly I have been a bit absent again, but this time I have a good excuse reason. I’ve been in hospital again. My consultant wasn’t happy with how the scar on my neck was healing. It was raised and lumpy and had a vast wad of scar tissue sitting underneath, which was still putting unpleasant pressure on my throat.

So, last Wednesday I went back to the Royal Surrey to have a little nip and tuck.

I’m pleased to say that so far it all seems fine. I went under talking about about cake and woke up thinking I was at a work event interviewing one of our chefs! Nothing strange there then.

I’m having some movement issues, as in I can’t actually move my neck at all as the skin is so freakin’ tight and I can’t risk making the scar grow. This makes everything that little bit more challenging.

So, I’m currently at home watching Sex and the City on loop from series one to six, trying to catch up on my blog (hence this explanitory post), and trying to stop myself from continuously adding these Miu Miu glitter peep toe boots to my basket – more on those later.

While I’m here I need a little help. I want to have a clean up on my blog and re-do my blogroll. Any good suggestions of blog I should be following? Let me know…


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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    Glad it all went fine! Was wondering where you were x

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