WIOW…tee time

After my massive clear out I now have a bit of space in my wardrobes to fill…enter Topshop.

It’s almost as if they new I am in the market for more tees and blouses. Damn them.

First up is this beautiful grey/blue satin blouse with leather detailing around the neckline. It has slightly blouson sleeves near the cuff which I am a massive fan of, plus it looks very figure skimming which I also approve of. Mine for £40.

Secondly I want this OMG slogan tee. So simple it’s ridiculous but that makes me want it even more. Plus it’s only £22 and you can never have too many tees.

That’s all for this week. What are you currently craving after?
All images from Topshop.com

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  1. Avatar daisychain says:

    I want/NEED that OMG tee!

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