Best of British

One of my bestie’s birthday is a little way around the corner and she is holding her annual themed party to coincide with the royal wedding. The theme, of course, had to be British. I mean what else.

I have been umming and arrring at who or what to go as. one of my friends is rumoured to be coming as marmite…. I digress. Personally I couldn’t think of anyone more British than the Queen. The prospect of dressing like a regal lady and spraying my hair grey was actually more exciting than you would think.

However I think I have had a better idea. The new boyf, if styled correctly, could pass as Liam Gallagher on a good day. This got me thinking. I couldn’t go as his Appleton as she’s American but I could turn the clocks back slightly and go as Patsy Kensit.

I found this Vanity Fair cover of the two of them, I’m not sure what year it’s from but I love it.
All I need to know now is what should I wear to resemble Patsy from her Gallagher years? It has to be rocky, perhaps leather leggings (anyone know where I can get me some?). I need your help guys.
Any suggestions?

Here’s my other list of prospects:
The Queen
Vivienne Westwood

I need your help, what do you think?


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