They’re Grrreat

They’re Grrreat

When I was younger my biggest dilemma in life was whether to have Frosties or Coco Pops for breakfast. It was a tough toss up between beautifully crisp, sugar-coated flakes of goodness or the cereal with special powers turning the milk chocolaty. I couldn’t even pick now.

Which is why Anya Hindmarch has made my life so much more difficult.

I don’t know how I’m only just stumbling across these incredible clutches now but I am and I’m in love.

In fact, they’re grrreat!

Frosties Imperial Clutch, £995

When he saw the milk go chocolaty he jumped right in…

Coco Pops Imperial Clutch, £995

I realise that a box of cereal is a helluva lot cheaper than these clutches BUT it wouldn’t look the same with a cardboard box tucked under my arm would it…

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